sexykacey (sexykacey) wrote,

Interesting Day

So I had a pretty interesting day today (Sunday). First of all, it was my 21st birthday, so that was pretty groovy. I didn't do anything wild and crazy, because I'm just not really into the drinking/bar scene, but it was good none the less. I actually felt pretty spoiled. From my nephews I got a raspberry plant, which is exciting, because I LOVE raspberries, and I thought it was a pretty cute gift from my two little guys. From my dog Jake (aka Brett) I got a pooper-scooper (Saweet!) and this really cute wooden frame with an adorable picture of him on one side, and a clay print of his paw on the other, so fun! From Brett's parents I got a DVD holder stand thingy, which was excellent, because lately I have apparently developed an addiction to buying DVD's. From Brett I got all 6 seasons of "Sex in the City", in the big box thingy....pretty cool, I'm pumped to watch it! And I also got a really nice bike from him, which is awesome, because I bought a bike last year, and it literally got stolen the very night I bought it! Also, Brett's house that he just bought is right by a bike path, so that's superb. And, from my parents, I got...a new computer! Woohoo! My laptop's been crapping out lately, and I was getting sick of it, so I asked for a new computer, not expecting to get one, at all. So they got me a really nice desktop one, and then I can still use my laptop occasionally, on trips and whatnot. It was extra nice that my parents went in together and got me the computer, since they're not together anymore, but can obviously still work well together and such.

Brett got some exciting news today. He entered a "free" (ie using tons of frequent player points) online tournament on Paradise Poker to win $2000 plus a seat in the World Series of Poker Championship Event, which costs $10,000 yeah, a prize worth $12,000. He won the one seat that they gave away during this particular tournament. It's in Vegas at the end of the month, and goes into August. That'd be pretty sweet if he became a millionaire. I'd certainly be excited!

Oh, something else fun and exciting...Brett is getting an English Bulldog puppy on Wednesday, and she's absolutely adorable! Crazy expensive for a dog, but adorable! I'll post a picture once she comes home. She currently lives in Melita, Manitoba....there were none to be found in Saskatchewan!
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