sexykacey (sexykacey) wrote,

fuck yeah!!!

okay, so brett phones me today, all cryptic-like, and he's like "i have to talk to you" "what about?" "not over the phone, i'll be over in 8 minutes"
so i was all worried that something had happened to his parents or something. he comes over, and tells me to sit down, and says "so...i got a phone call today...we got tickets to ellen!" i couldn't believe it! right after i had given up and figured we hadn't gotten the tickets!

so the taping is on november 28, which is a monday, and our 3 year anniversary. we figure we'll probably go out the thursday or friday before. I'M SO PUMPED!!! i literally just found out like 5 minutes ago. and maybe to some people it wouldn't be that exciting, but i LOVE ellen, and i love her show! i tape it every single afternoon!!

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