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so i turned 20 on Saturday, pretty exciting! at the time i was a little bummed out, because i hadn't really heard from many of my friends. but then, on monday, i got the best surprise i think i've ever had. my parents and brett had planned a surprise party tonight at the Rack for me! it was awesome, because it was 2 days after my birthday, so i totally wasn't expecting it. i had NEVER had a surprise party before, and had always hinted that i wanted one, so finally my wish came true! i didn't suspect a thing, so it went over really well. there were some people who weren't there that i would have liked, but a lot of people were out of town. it was good though, because i liked everyone who was there, so that worked out well.

i've been just beaming all night. it didn't go that late, being a monday and all, and people having school and work tomorrow. i, personally, have a test tomorrow morning! so this took away a bit from studying, but i'm certainly not complaining.

but yeah, it was really nice to get that surprise, i guess i can't bitch about never having had a surprise party from now on! oh well!
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