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ahh, the wonderful world of my sister just continues to get more and more interesting! Kyla was over tonight, and her, Kaleb, and i were having supper together. Kyla and I actually got into a normal conversation for once, and were talking about the upcoming baby, when I asked her if she was going to breast feed. She said "no, I can't." I left it at that, because I really didn't want to know why she couldn't, and then she said "I have Hepatitis C". "Oh, how long have you had that for?" "About a year."

So I was just wondering...does anyone know anything about Hepatitis C? She told me a little bit...that it is curable, but they aren't going to do treatments or whatever until after the baby is born. And that it's possible that the baby will be infected by it, and they'll test him at about 8 months of age. I looked it up online quickly, and it showed some of the ways to get it. It said that the number 1 cause is through use of illegal drugs, using needles and what not, so I'm going to go out on a limb here (ha) and say that that's probably what gave it to her. It said that it can be passed through sex, but that isn't very likely. And it said that usually it isn't chronic, but sometimes it is, so I assume that she's been tested and the doctor told her that in her case it isn't chronic.

I wonder if she knew about this before she got pregnant? You would think so, if she's had it for a year, and been pregnant for 7 months...unless somehow when she got tested they could tell when she got it...but I doubt that. I think that's pretty irresponsible of her to have a baby (and I believe that she was conciously trying to get pregnant) when her baby could be infected! And I'm not sure about this, but maybe the baby has a chance of being affected chronically? Not too sure on that one.

So, something more positive...3 of my 5 classes from Brandon University were able to get transferred to U of R, so I was pretty happy with that. I've decided to take 2 classes in the spring and 2 in the summer, so then for fall I'll only be like 6 credit hours (2 classes) behind what I should be if I had taken 5 classes a semester for the 2 years, so that's pretty good! Considering the semester I took off, and the semester in Brandon. The crappy part is that I got REALLY good marks in Brandon, but the marks don't reflect on my U of R transcript, just the fact that I received 9 credit hours. That kind of sucks, but oh well.

I think Brett's thinking of buying another house. Either that, or a $40,000 truck. Dumbass. He has a 2003 Grand Am that is in perfect condition....but I guess his male ego is kicking in. I definitely think that he should buy a house, either another one to rent out, or one to live in. Preferably one to live in, but I couldn't live with him because my parents are paying for my school as long as I live at home. Well, clearly, I COULD live with him, but it wouldn't make much sense!

But I have a midterm tomorrow that I have to study for, so goodbye.
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