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so, you know you're cool when you sit at home on a saturday night and drink with your parents and their friends! it was good times though. i'm taking all weekend to just hangout at home, it's been quite enjoyable! and it's not like a had a lot to drink tonight....just my usual 2 coolers that gets me pretty drunk....i'm so cheap, it's great!

i really don't have anything else to say, but i haven't written in here in SOOO long, i figured i'd make a short little head hurts, like tons, it's brutal! it's been hurting for the last few days, i hope it gets better!

i'm going to san diego on monday, and i get back friday night, should be some good times, i'm pumped.

my sister's about 6 months pregnant now....still just as retarded as ever, it's lovely! my mom thinks that she should get her tubes tied, which i totally agree with. wow, you know you're pathetic when your own mother thinks that you should get your tubes tied at the age of 25! oh, something i neglected to mention the last time i wrote about her, i believe....her boyfriend, david, is 41! cooooooool!!! not that age should be a huge factor, but 25 and 41 is quite the large difference....and he's such a pathetic 41 year old. no car.....a schizophrenic who doesn't always take his medication....i'm so glad i'm nothing like my sister!

yep.....that's about all i have to say for now....woot!
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