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I'm back in Regina, for good, so that's definitely exciting! Brett came to Brandon on Thursday to help me get everything packed up, and we got to Regina last Friday afternoon. I got a new cell phone number yesterday. 530-1118. So call me and we'll do something! And last night we babysat Kaleb, good times.

Which leads me to my next topic of discussion. Most of you know about everything that happened with Kyla (my sister). She was a coke addict, got pregnant, had Kaleb, lived with us for the first 4 months or so, and then her and Kaleb moved out. She was able to handle having him for about 9 months, and then she asked my parents to watch him for a "couple of days". We've now had him for 3 years. And believe me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love having Kaleb around. Of course it makes like a bit more difficult sometimes, trying to figure out who's watching Kaleb, and who's picking him up from the babysitter's, and what not, but it's well worth it. I want Kaleb to live with us forever. Kyla has said a few times that she's "cleaned up", but it only ever lasts a few months. She's been addicted for 10 years now, and she's only 25. I'm scared that she'll say she's cleaned up, take Kaleb back, and then go back to using, and really endanger Kaleb in the process. My mom, on the other hand, is all for her cleaning up, which of course I understand, Kyla's her daughter. My dad isn't as concerned about what she does with her life, because he isn't her biological father. Don't get me wrong, he adopted her when she was like 4, and he loved her and he was always her "father". But I think when she called his mother a bitch, while she was literally on her death bed, and then when he found out the really awful things that she used to do to me when I was like 9 and she was 15, he really stopped caring. So anyways, where this is parents told me yesterday that she's pregnant again! 4 months already; she's due in May. And I guess she's showing, so they decided to tell me since I'll see her on Christmas Eve. Wow, thanks mom and dad. But yeah, they knew I'd be upset about it. Her and her "boyfriend" are supposedly happy about it, and the boyfriend's mother said "it's about time they settled down and had a family" Um, is she aware that Kyla already has a 4 year old son that she can't look after? I can't understand how anyone would want to be with her, especially have children with her, knowing about Kaleb. Kyla has told my parents that she's clean now, and she's going to take care of the baby, and eventually wants to get Kaleb back. This pisses me off so much! She's been "clean" like 10 different times in the last 3 years, it never lasts. And that's bullshit, if she takes Kaleb back. Me and my parents have raised him since he was 1. I'm more of a mother to him than she has ever been. She's unstable. Not too many months ago we were all at the supper table, and she sat there yelling profanities, with Kaleb right there! And it's not like he's not talking yet or anything, he repeats things that he hears, he's 4! When I told her to stop, she jumped up and came about 3 inches away from punching me, but my dad grabbed her before she got a chance. I almost wish he hadn't, because then I would have taken her to court for assault. So anyways, my mom doesn't seem overly bothered by this, but my dad and I were talking alone last night. He is, of course, worried that they're going to be expected to raise this child too, in a year or so. I told him that they should make her get a drug test, and if she tests positive, report her to social services. There's plenty of evidence against her to make her give the kid up for adoption or something. I hate this. I should be SO excited to have another nephew or a niece, but I don't think anyone could really blame me for not being overjoyed. I know that you should love your family, no matter what, but I've given her soo many chances, and she's hurt me and everyone else around her way too many times.
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