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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
6:05 pm - music downloads
So, I was going to download WinMX on my new computer last night, when I discovered that you now have to pay for it! Does anyone know if there are any music downloading sites left that you don't have to pay for? I detest Kazaa, so that's out of the picture.

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
1:38 am - Interesting Day
So I had a pretty interesting day today (Sunday). First of all, it was my 21st birthday, so that was pretty groovy. I didn't do anything wild and crazy, because I'm just not really into the drinking/bar scene, but it was good none the less. I actually felt pretty spoiled. From my nephews I got a raspberry plant, which is exciting, because I LOVE raspberries, and I thought it was a pretty cute gift from my two little guys. From my dog Jake (aka Brett) I got a pooper-scooper (Saweet!) and this really cute wooden frame with an adorable picture of him on one side, and a clay print of his paw on the other, so fun! From Brett's parents I got a DVD holder stand thingy, which was excellent, because lately I have apparently developed an addiction to buying DVD's. From Brett I got all 6 seasons of "Sex in the City", in the big box thingy....pretty cool, I'm pumped to watch it! And I also got a really nice bike from him, which is awesome, because I bought a bike last year, and it literally got stolen the very night I bought it! Also, Brett's house that he just bought is right by a bike path, so that's superb. And, from my parents, I got...a new computer! Woohoo! My laptop's been crapping out lately, and I was getting sick of it, so I asked for a new computer, not expecting to get one, at all. So they got me a really nice desktop one, and then I can still use my laptop occasionally, on trips and whatnot. It was extra nice that my parents went in together and got me the computer, since they're not together anymore, but can obviously still work well together and such.

Brett got some exciting news today. He entered a "free" (ie using tons of frequent player points) online tournament on Paradise Poker to win $2000 plus a seat in the World Series of Poker Championship Event, which costs $10,000 ...so yeah, a prize worth $12,000. He won the one seat that they gave away during this particular tournament. It's in Vegas at the end of the month, and goes into August. That'd be pretty sweet if he became a millionaire. I'd certainly be excited!

Oh, something else fun and exciting...Brett is getting an English Bulldog puppy on Wednesday, and she's absolutely adorable! Crazy expensive for a dog, but adorable! I'll post a picture once she comes home. She currently lives in Melita, Manitoba....there were none to be found in Saskatchewan!

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Monday, May 1st, 2006
8:17 am - textbooks
Well, it's that time of year again, classes start next Monday, so that means I'm looking for textbooks (and yes Jeff, I do still have yours, let me know a good time to drop it off)

I need:

Bus 290 - Intro to Finance - Corporate Finance (Cnd Edition) - 4th EDN (by Ross)

Bus 307 - Business Law - Law and Business Administration in Canada - 10th EDN (by Smyth)

Bus 340 - Gov't Finance - Public Finance in Canada - 2nd EDN (by Hyman)

I'm also taking Bus 250, but I apparently don't need a textbook for that one, at least nothing is listed yet....odd....

Anyway, does anyone have any of these textbooks that they'd like to sell/lend me?


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Sunday, January 15th, 2006
11:20 am - What is up?

Hello. Just thought I'd update on my life, it's been awhile since I wrote anything in here.

My Trip to See EllenCollapse )

The End of the Fall SemesterCollapse )

ChristmasCollapse )

My Job and My FutureCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
2:53 pm - fuck yeah!!!
okay, so brett phones me today, all cryptic-like, and he's like "i have to talk to you" "what about?" "not over the phone, i'll be over in 8 minutes"
so i was all worried that something had happened to his parents or something. he comes over, and tells me to sit down, and says "so...i got a phone call today...we got tickets to ellen!" i couldn't believe it! right after i had given up and figured we hadn't gotten the tickets!

so the taping is on november 28, which is a monday, and our 3 year anniversary. we figure we'll probably go out the thursday or friday before. I'M SO PUMPED!!! i literally just found out like 5 minutes ago. and maybe to some people it wouldn't be that exciting, but i LOVE ellen, and i love her show! i tape it every single afternoon!!


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Monday, October 17th, 2005
11:30 pm - holy, 2 entries in one day!

I just want to say that I am in love.  Completely, totally, in love.

And his name is Bear.




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4:03 pm - What's up?
It's been a long time since I've made an entry, and an even longer time since I've made a REAL entry, so I decided I'd write something quick.

School's going well so far this semester. I got into the co-op program for next semester, so now I just have to find a job. Cross your fingers for me!

As most of you probably know, both of my nephews are living with us. Kaleb turns 5 in a couple of weeks, that's insane! In December it'll be 4 years that he's lived with us. Kolby's 5 months, and is absolutely adorable. He's lived with us since he was 15 days old (when he got out of NICU). He's had some health problems (most of them related to the drug-usage of his mother) but it seems like everything should turn out okay in the long run, so that's definitely good news. My parents went to court about custody of the kids. Right now they have full, temporary custody of both of them, for three months, then the situation gets "reevaluated". It's kind of starting to piss me off, because when Kolby was born, and social services found out that he was addicted, they told Kyla that he would live with us for 2 months, and she had to clean up, and if she didn't, she would lose all rights forever. Well, things were going okay for awhile, then she disappeared in the middle of the night and was gone for 10 weeks. Social services told her that she had to go to Detox for 2 weeks, and this was her LAST chance...she stayed for 6 days. Now they're telling her that she has 3 months to get clean, and that THIS is her last chance...bullshit. She's been using for almost 12 years now...honestly, if she can't get clean while she's PREGNANT, what does that say about her and the likelihood of her getting clean now?

My summer was kind of crappy, because I had school every morning, then I babysat a newborn every afternoon. Definitely not the way I planned on spending my summer, but oh well. I guess it's worth it when you consider the alternative: foster care.

Mine and Brett's 3-year anniversary is in November. I LOVE the Ellen show, and we tried getting tickets to it for our anniversary, but couldn't, so that's kind of unfortunate. It would have been fun to have a few days in LA, but oh well, maybe next year!

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Friday, August 26th, 2005
12:03 am - textbooks
it's that time of year again! does anyone have any of these textbooks that they would like to sell me?

Admn 250 - "Fundamentals of Human Resource Management" - NOE
Admn 275 - "Principles of Operations Management 6th Edn" - HEIZER
Admn 288 - "Management Accounting 6th Edn" - HANSEN
Anth 100 - "Balinese" - LANSING
Anth 100 - "Cultural Anthropology 8th Edn" - NANDA
Film 100 - "Film Art: W/Film Viewers Guide 7th Edn" - Bordwell

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
10:21 pm - birthday
so i turned 20 on Saturday, pretty exciting! at the time i was a little bummed out, because i hadn't really heard from many of my friends. but then, on monday, i got the best surprise i think i've ever had. my parents and brett had planned a surprise party tonight at the Rack for me! it was awesome, because it was 2 days after my birthday, so i totally wasn't expecting it. i had NEVER had a surprise party before, and had always hinted that i wanted one, so finally my wish came true! i didn't suspect a thing, so it went over really well. there were some people who weren't there that i would have liked, but a lot of people were out of town. it was good though, because i liked everyone who was there, so that worked out well.

i've been just beaming all night. it didn't go that late, being a monday and all, and people having school and work tomorrow. i, personally, have a test tomorrow morning! so this took away a bit from studying, but i'm certainly not complaining.

but yeah, it was really nice to get that surprise, i guess i can't bitch about never having had a surprise party from now on! oh well!

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
12:17 am - dogs
I want a puppy! But I'm allergic. :( I've had dogs almost all my life, until this last August, and even though I loved them tons, they were usually making me sick. So I decided to do some research to find out which breeds of dogs were non-allergenic....and I quickly discovered that there is no such thing! Many articles did state, however, that there are certain breeds that are usually better for allergies than other breeds, but they didn't really specify.

So here's my question: Does anyone know, from personal experience, of a breed (or cross-breed) of dogs that are usually not too bad on allergies? I can handle being bothered a little bit, I just don't want to be perma-sneeze girl. Any suggestions??

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
12:37 pm - woot!
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
11:45 am - Brutal!
I had a final last night, so i DVD-recorded (or whatever the correct phrase is) American Idol. I just finished watching it. Now, I've never really liked Constantine. I don't understand this "charm" that everyone keeps saying he has. I think he's gross and greasy. But anyways, he was just fucking awful this week! He sang "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback. Now, I'm a moderate fan on this song, and was happy when I saw that someone was singing it, but oh my god, he was so brutal! He had absolutely NO tone...it basically sounded like he was "signing" the same note over and over again. It was very boring. And Paula's so annoying... "So what if they weren't the greatest vocals, and there were some wrong notes here and there, you're an awesome performer!" Um, Paula...it's a SINGING competition. Sure, you've got to perform well, and appeal to the audience...but the number 1 priority should definitely be singing! I hope him or Scott (the woman beater) goes home tonight!

Yes, this was a very random post, but I just had to get that off my chest!

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
11:13 am - books!!!

i need books! anyone got any of  these they want to sell me?

ADMN 210: Basic Marketing/Media Digest/Case Book - 11 ED       SHAPIRO

ADMN 260: Canadian Organizational Behaviour W/Cd - 5 EDN       MCSHANE

ADMN 270: Intro To Management Science Quantitative Approaches To Decison Making 11 ED      ANDERSON  

SOC 201: Development And Social Change - 3 EDN      MCMICHAEL

                 Southern Exposure - NoEDN      THOMAS-SLAYTER


These are for the spring/summer, and I'll need more in the fall, but I don't know which ones yet.  But if you've got text books for ADMN 250, ADMN 275, ADMN 288, ADMN 007, FILM 100, or ANTH 100, let me know!


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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
6:50 pm - lovely
ahh, the wonderful world of my sister just continues to get more and more interesting! Kyla was over tonight, and her, Kaleb, and i were having supper together. Kyla and I actually got into a normal conversation for once, and were talking about the upcoming baby, when I asked her if she was going to breast feed. She said "no, I can't." I left it at that, because I really didn't want to know why she couldn't, and then she said "I have Hepatitis C". "Oh, how long have you had that for?" "About a year."

So I was just wondering...does anyone know anything about Hepatitis C? She told me a little bit...that it is curable, but they aren't going to do treatments or whatever until after the baby is born. And that it's possible that the baby will be infected by it, and they'll test him at about 8 months of age. I looked it up online quickly, and it showed some of the ways to get it. It said that the number 1 cause is through use of illegal drugs, using needles and what not, so I'm going to go out on a limb here (ha) and say that that's probably what gave it to her. It said that it can be passed through sex, but that isn't very likely. And it said that usually it isn't chronic, but sometimes it is, so I assume that she's been tested and the doctor told her that in her case it isn't chronic.

I wonder if she knew about this before she got pregnant? You would think so, if she's had it for a year, and been pregnant for 7 months...unless somehow when she got tested they could tell when she got it...but I doubt that. I think that's pretty irresponsible of her to have a baby (and I believe that she was conciously trying to get pregnant) when her baby could be infected! And I'm not sure about this, but maybe the baby has a chance of being affected chronically? Not too sure on that one.

So, something more positive...3 of my 5 classes from Brandon University were able to get transferred to U of R, so I was pretty happy with that. I've decided to take 2 classes in the spring and 2 in the summer, so then for fall I'll only be like 6 credit hours (2 classes) behind what I should be if I had taken 5 classes a semester for the 2 years, so that's pretty good! Considering the semester I took off, and the semester in Brandon. The crappy part is that I got REALLY good marks in Brandon, but the marks don't reflect on my U of R transcript, just the fact that I received 9 credit hours. That kind of sucks, but oh well.

I think Brett's thinking of buying another house. Either that, or a $40,000 truck. Dumbass. He has a 2003 Grand Am that is in perfect condition....but I guess his male ego is kicking in. I definitely think that he should buy a house, either another one to rent out, or one to live in. Preferably one to live in, but I couldn't live with him because my parents are paying for my school as long as I live at home. Well, clearly, I COULD live with him, but it wouldn't make much sense!

But I have a midterm tomorrow that I have to study for, so goodbye.

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
2:01 am - lalala

so, you know you're cool when you sit at home on a saturday night and drink with your parents and their friends! it was good times though. i'm taking all weekend to just hangout at home, it's been quite enjoyable! and it's not like a had a lot to drink tonight....just my usual 2 coolers that gets me pretty drunk....i'm so cheap, it's great!

i really don't have anything else to say, but i haven't written in here in SOOO long, i figured i'd make a short little entry...my head hurts, like tons, it's brutal! it's been hurting for the last few days, i hope it gets better!

i'm going to san diego on monday, and i get back friday night, should be some good times, i'm pumped.

my sister's about 6 months pregnant now....still just as retarded as ever, it's lovely! my mom thinks that she should get her tubes tied, which i totally agree with. wow, you know you're pathetic when your own mother thinks that you should get your tubes tied at the age of 25! oh, something i neglected to mention the last time i wrote about her, i believe....her boyfriend, david, is 41! cooooooool!!! not that age should be a huge factor, but 25 and 41 is quite the large difference....and he's such a pathetic 41 year old. no job.....no car.....a schizophrenic who doesn't always take his medication....i'm so glad i'm nothing like my sister!

yep.....that's about all i have to say for now....woot!

current mood: drunk

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Saturday, December 18th, 2004
10:20 am - Yay!
I'm back in Regina, for good, so that's definitely exciting! Brett came to Brandon on Thursday to help me get everything packed up, and we got to Regina last Friday afternoon. I got a new cell phone number yesterday. 530-1118. So call me and we'll do something! And last night we babysat Kaleb, good times.

Which leads me to my next topic of discussion. Most of you know about everything that happened with Kyla (my sister). She was a coke addict, got pregnant, had Kaleb, lived with us for the first 4 months or so, and then her and Kaleb moved out. She was able to handle having him for about 9 months, and then she asked my parents to watch him for a "couple of days". We've now had him for 3 years. And believe me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love having Kaleb around. Of course it makes like a bit more difficult sometimes, trying to figure out who's watching Kaleb, and who's picking him up from the babysitter's, and what not, but it's well worth it. I want Kaleb to live with us forever. Kyla has said a few times that she's "cleaned up", but it only ever lasts a few months. She's been addicted for 10 years now, and she's only 25. I'm scared that she'll say she's cleaned up, take Kaleb back, and then go back to using, and really endanger Kaleb in the process. My mom, on the other hand, is all for her cleaning up, which of course I understand, Kyla's her daughter. My dad isn't as concerned about what she does with her life, because he isn't her biological father. Don't get me wrong, he adopted her when she was like 4, and he loved her and he was always her "father". But I think when she called his mother a bitch, while she was literally on her death bed, and then when he found out the really awful things that she used to do to me when I was like 9 and she was 15, he really stopped caring. So anyways, where this is going....my parents told me yesterday that she's pregnant again! 4 months already; she's due in May. And I guess she's showing, so they decided to tell me since I'll see her on Christmas Eve. Wow, thanks mom and dad. But yeah, they knew I'd be upset about it. Her and her "boyfriend" are supposedly happy about it, and the boyfriend's mother said "it's about time they settled down and had a family" Um, is she aware that Kyla already has a 4 year old son that she can't look after? I can't understand how anyone would want to be with her, especially have children with her, knowing about Kaleb. Kyla has told my parents that she's clean now, and she's going to take care of the baby, and eventually wants to get Kaleb back. This pisses me off so much! She's been "clean" like 10 different times in the last 3 years, it never lasts. And that's bullshit, if she takes Kaleb back. Me and my parents have raised him since he was 1. I'm more of a mother to him than she has ever been. She's unstable. Not too many months ago we were all at the supper table, and she sat there yelling profanities, with Kaleb right there! And it's not like he's not talking yet or anything, he repeats things that he hears, he's 4! When I told her to stop, she jumped up and came about 3 inches away from punching me, but my dad grabbed her before she got a chance. I almost wish he hadn't, because then I would have taken her to court for assault. So anyways, my mom doesn't seem overly bothered by this, but my dad and I were talking alone last night. He is, of course, worried that they're going to be expected to raise this child too, in a year or so. I told him that they should make her get a drug test, and if she tests positive, report her to social services. There's plenty of evidence against her to make her give the kid up for adoption or something. I hate this. I should be SO excited to have another nephew or a niece, but I don't think anyone could really blame me for not being overjoyed. I know that you should love your family, no matter what, but I've given her soo many chances, and she's hurt me and everyone else around her way too many times.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
12:47 am - Weird
So I was bored tonight, and I read all the way back in this thing from the first entry that I made. Wow, did I ever use a lot of exclamation marks back in the day! Oh, and for about 4 months I couldn't stop talking about Dallas, haha, good times.

So I'm going back to the U of R next semester, I'm pretty excited. "What? Excited to be going to the U of R?" you may be asking....and well yes, compared to Brandon University, it is very exciting!

Christmas is in less than 3 weeks, that's quite odd. I should probably start doing some shopping for that.

Brett and I celebrated our two year anniversary on November 28th. He got me a Bulova watch and a white gold bracelet with diamonds on it. They're both quite nice!

Well, that's about all I have to say for now


current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
10:42 am - Books
Hey guys
Anyone got any of these books that they'd be willing to sell me??

CS 270-Systems Analysis And Design: Applied Approach 2 W/Ms Project - 2 EDN Author-Dennis

Econ 202-Macroeconomics: Canada In The Global Environment - 5 EDN Author-Parkin

Math 221-Intro To Mathematical Reasoning: Numbers, Sets, And Functions - NoEDN Author-Eccles

Psci 100-People, Politics And Government: Canadian Perspective W/Macleans Magazine - NoEDN Author-Guy

Stat 151-Statistics A First Course (Revised Ed) - 2 EDN Author-Sanders

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
12:13 pm - quick question
hey guys. so i'm going to have a moving away thingy sometime this week...i was thinking boston pizza (i know, i know, not original, but not everyone's 19, and we all seem to enjoy it there)...rowan suggested brewsters, cause minors can go in the restaurant part...but i was thinking we might be kind of loud for that place...

so anyways, here's my question for you...would you guys rather go to bp's or brewsters? also, how would this thursday night work for ppl? also, if thursday is no good, what day would be better?

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
9:44 pm - my birthday!
i'm turning 19 tomorrow, july 16th! woo, yay!! finally, hey, now that you all have been 19 for at least a year.

so yeah, anyone who wants to, go to new yorx tomorrow night...i think we're going around 10 or 10:30, so yeah, that'd be cool if other ppl showed up.

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